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Flower Hill 3D Screensaver

Bring the brightest colors of nature to your screen! Flower Hill 3D Screensaver features a fabulous
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21 June 2011

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Bond that we human share with flowers is indissoluble. From symbolizing love to nationalizing them and specifically engaging them in festivals as well as special occasion certainly speaks of its grandeur. There is no one in this planet who doesn’t love flower. To get drown in the soothing beauty of the flowers and to get lost in the fragrance of them are commonly found in the writings of many authors and poets. Significant of us also have gardening as a hobby. Well if you wish for such gardens in front of your house but unable to experience them and still somehow want to have it then your answer lies in Flower Hill 3D Screensaver 1.01.3. This screensaver program is a dynamic flowery screensaver which you haven’t seen for long.

Interestingly Flower Hill 3D Screensaver 1.01.3 is a blend of beauty and impressive technology embedded in it. What makes it actually worthy to look at is the 3D graphics built in it. Entire scenario comprises of lovely flowers arranged as wall clock. Simultaneously with enjoyment of the comforting scenery and bountiful nature you can also keep noticing the time as well as date. With such massive clock hands moving in the garden and butter flies flying all around portray an amazingly different sight. Meanwhile sun rays beaming and serene music effectively can make your eyes, ears and mind calm down in peace. FPS counter as well as settings to synchronize the time of the clock makes it highly flexible. As wallpapers are meant for soothing the eyes of us, plus the time it shows in the mean while definitely can attract anybody.

While enjoying the bountiful Flower Hill 3D Screensaver 1.01.3 we can also keep it as a d袯r item absolutely meant for our PC. Hence we see it as a great tool to satisfy our eyes and give it 2.5 on five.

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Bring the brightest colors of nature to your screen! Flower Hill 3D Screensaver features a fabulous full 3D setting with myriads of blossoming flowers, beautiful butterflies merrily flopping about their business and the busy chatter of crickets and grasshoppers in the lush grass around. The warm rays of the sun add to the relaxing atmosphere this setting creates and the eyes feel so comfortable looking at it that you can hardly stop. But that is not all. The added usability of a calendar and clock makes it the perfect decoration for your monitor!
Flower Hill 3D Screensaver
Flower Hill 3D Screensaver
Version 1.01.3
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